AEPhi Founded

AEPhi is nationally founded at Barnard College. Seven Jewish women gathered to form a new sorority, after being rejected from others because of their faith.


AEPhi Chapter Petition

Seven MIT women petition campus Panhellenic Council, the body that governs all sororities, on March 31, 1993, to bring AEPhi to MIT.

Though the request was denied, the group formed a local sorority, Sigma Iota Phi, and established our rituals, symbols, and ideals.


AEPhi Chapter Created

Sigma Iota Phi is finally granted permission to go national. The sisters choose to become part of the sorority that the founders had wanted from the beginning - Alpha Epsilon Phi.

As the Beta Epsilon Chapter, they adopt AEPhi's rituals and symbols but keep their own traditions of sisterhood, strength, and dedication.

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