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Sabrina Cai

Course 6-7

Sabrina is wearing a light pink dress and smiling, with one arm on a railing. A Ferris wheel and a river are behind her.
Cartoon headshot of Sabrina with pink scarf and flower in hair, purple background
Sabrina Cai

Course 6-7

Hello! I'm Sabrina, a current first year from northern Virginia. At MIT, I'm involved with the UA, MIT Biotech Group, and ActLingual. I love AEPhi because I feel like I can share anything with my sisters, from cute animal pictures to my latest quarantine induced identity crisis <3

Hi! I'm an energetic bean. I like thinking about the universe and planets and how aliens would look. I unintentionally start either very silly or very deep conversations with friends or strangers. I love water sports like wakeboarding and I travel by electric board at home. Hmm, I listen to a whole lot of music, actually, but mostly pop. Love to meet ya!

Karen is standing on the side of a rocky cliff with blue clothes and climbing gear. Her arms are raised and she is smiling.
Cartoon headshot of Karen with glasses, shoulder length hair with sword in back and yellow background.
Karen Ma

Course 6-3

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Victoria Yang

Course 20

Heya! I'm Victoria, a course 20 from all over the place (namely Shanghai, Texas, and New Hampshire). Fun fact, because I learned how to write when I was in China, I write with my right hand even though I am a lefty :0 I enjoy listening to and making(?) music, particularly EDM and rock! I also get obsessed with things easily, of which my current obsessions include webtoons and Genshin... I joined AEPhi in FA21, and I'm glad to have joined such a welcoming community~ If you ever want someone to obsess over things and lurk in fandom twt, you know who to call ;)