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Caroline Bonnett

Course 24-2

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Hi! I'm Caroline from Massachusetts. When I'm not studying linguistics, I love to play video games, talk about books and movies, bake, and hoard fancy tea in my dorm room.

Hi! I'm Melissa, but I also go by Missy, and I joined AEPHi in Spring of 2020. In addition to giraffes, some of my favorite animals include frogs, ducks, and starfish. I love coffee and tea, and I love going on walks. Some of my activities on campus include playing flute in various groups and ensembles and participating in Next House leadership. I am an associate Advisor for Terrascope.

Missy Hill

Course 11

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Hi! I'm Pranali and I get my head stuck in things. And no, I don't mean just metaphorically, I literally have gotten my head stuck in something and according to my friends this explains a lot. And they're right, it showcases my sometimes bad (but usually fun) decision making skills, my love of puzzles (such as whether I can fit or not) and athletic activities (you won't believe how much your heart rate increases when you think you're trapped) and also how much my friends and sisters mean to me (because without them it probably would have taken even longer to get unstuck).

Pranali Vani

Course 6

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Karissa Sanchez

Course 6


Hi! my name is Karissa and I'm a freshman in course 6-3. I'm originally from Los Angeles, but I have also lived in Switzerland, San Francisco, and Cleveland. In my free time, I love to play guitar, solve rubiks cubes, and bother my neighbor and my big, Ana.

Dasha Castillo

Course 6


Hi!! My name is Dasha :]] I joined AEPhi in Spring 2021, and I've been loving it ever since. I'm from a few places, namely South Louisiana, Peru, and Houston, TX. I love reading sci-fi/fantasy and bios/memoirs, taking walks, and overall hanging out in comfy spots. You can find many of my occasionally-funny thoughts on @dashacastle on Twitter. Be sure to stretch and drink water!

Hi!! I'm from Massachusetts and am a BC resident currently living in MacG. I'm a 6-2 who spends much of my time knitting/crocheting/picking up other random hobbies. I love exploring Boston and (occasionally) going on runs in Cambridge, but most often I can be found in my suite lounge attempting to bake cookies or watching sitcoms.

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Jackie Aslarus

Course 6-2