About Us

Alpha Epsilon Phi was founded by seven Jewish women at Barnard College on October 24, 1909. These women had the dream of forming a sorority where exceptional women of all backgrounds, religions, interests, and varying beliefs would be welcomed with open arms. The sorority would foster lifelong friendships and sisterhood, academic growth, and social involvement, all the while providing a home for its members.


That dream—born in a dorm room at Barnard College—continues to prosper and thrive at over 50 college campuses nationwide. Today, AEPhi seeks not only to live up to the ideals and goals of its original founders but also to exceed them.


Alpha Epsilon Phi is a national sorority dedicated to helping women become the best they can be. We prize individuality, encouraging each member to discover and develop the talents and abilities that make them unique. 


But just as we value individuality, we also prize togetherness, fostering friendships and a sense of belonging that lasts a lifetime. When you're in AEPhi, you'll find there's always a sister to laugh when you laugh, to listen when you talk, to lend a hand and be there for you.


One of a kind, all together — that's AEPhi!

From our President:

The most important parts of students’ journeys at MIT are the communities that they form during their time at the Institute. For me, I believe that choosing to join AEPhi has had the most influence over my experience at MIT. In chapter, I found a community and, more importantly, a home. 


Part of what makes being in a sorority different than a regular friendship is mentorship, and my older sisters in AEPhi have been a huge part of how I have grown and changed as a person since my freshman year. I look back now as a senior and know that what I didn’t learn in class, I learned from the strong, independent, confident, and caring women in AEPhi. It's incredibly rewarding to now be able to pass on what I have learned about leadership, communication, teamwork, and balance to my younger sisters. 


AEPhi is a community of unconditional love and support. I know that my sisters are always there to study, cook, or watch a movie together. They’ll always be willing to share a joke or their latest favorite songs or talk about their worries and plans for the future.


In AEPhi, I have found a diverse community of people with different sexualities, races, religions, courses, and interests. What unifies us is the care, kindness, and joy with which we share our MIT experiences, and which we will carry with us as sisters of AEPhi for the rest of our lives.


Ana Reyes Sanchez

From our VP Recruitment:

AEPhi is the smallest Panhellenic chapter on MIT’s campus, and we are this way by choice. We value having a small, close-knit community where we can rely on each other, be there for one another, and know each other’s inside jokes. Everyone in AEPhi can think of a time when they've reached out to the group because of an illness or stress and find people who quickly respond with offers of soup and hugs. AEPhi is the kind of place where everyone lifts each other up, both when people need support and when we just want to be silly.


Additionally, AEPhi is culturally Jewish. We were originally founded by seven Jewish women who were refused entry into other sororities. Their Jewish values were the basis for our organization. Service and community are part of the bedrock of AEPhi. We accept people from all backgrounds, celebrate Jewish holidays, and eat great food!


Our chapter is quirky in the best way. Some of us are particularly passionate about a TV show, a music group, and/or social justice, among other things. While we certainly don’t share the same interests, we all value each other, and because of that, we learn about the things our sisters love and care about. In AEPhi, you are not loved despite your quirks, but because of them.


There's much more I could say about AEPhi and who we are, what we value, and why we love our chapter. You’ll have to come to one of our recruitment events to check us out and see for yourself!

Caroline Bonnett

Vice President of Recruitment